Xi & Vladimir-Share Hope of Ruling for Life

Nikkei Asian Review August 6, 2020 04:09 J.S.T. “Xi Jinping sends shock waves with his 2035 manifesto” “A coded news release signals the president’s intent to be ‘leader for life’”


In the upcoming Central Committee Meeting Xi Jinping (XJP) will review both the 2012-2025 five-year plan and “future targets for 2035”.

Given this announcement it is not surprising that many are concerned with XJP’s ambition. Included on the agenda for the upcoming October meeting will be changes to “Key Personnel.” Beijing watchers note this point-in-time, with the Chinese economy suffering and with relations with the West fraying, is likely the best opportunity for rivals to dethrone XJP’s future vision.

XJP took office in 2012 and after the 2017 meeting, like Vladimir Putin, “he scrapped the presidential limit of two five-year terms” and also removed some rivals in an anti-corruption sweep. Some supporters argue that XJP being in power until 2035 will ensure success with various long-term projects. One such project that will need additional improvements is the Chinese version of GPS just launched to fanfare in July.

Given the Western pushback to China's tech ambition there’s a sense that Beijing will start limiting self-promotion. Having said that, in mid-July there was some grandstanding about “The Great Rejuvenation “ and reclaiming “the world’s top economy." According to XJP, “No country or individual can stop the historical pace of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

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