US to China Close Houston Consulate. Fire in the Courtyard

Nikkei Asian Review July 22, 2020 18:45 JST “China says US told it to shut its Houston consulate”. “Beijing condemns ‘unprecedented escalation’, documents burned reports say”

Citing “a need to protect American intellectual property and information” U.S. tells China to close its consulate in Houston. China condemns the order and threatens retaliation potentially “considering closing the U.S. consulate…” in Wuhan. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin stated “We urge the U.S. to immediately revoke this erroneous decision. Should it insist on going down this wrong path, China will react with firm countermeasures”.

“It appears to be open burning in a container within the courtyard of the Chinese consulate facility. It does not appear to be an unconfined fire but have not been allowed access,” said Houston fire department chief Samuel Penda….we are standing by and monitoring”.

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