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Sober Curious Programs-A Growth Industry?

The Wall Street Journal October 3, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT “A Sober Curious Movement Builds Online, Targeting ‘Gray Area’ Drinking” by Anne Tergesen.

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Read The Wall Street Journal for all the details.

Summary offered by 2244

Adapting to the pandemic lockdown meant for some consuming more alcohol. Rand Corporation reports that drinking was up 14% and the American Psychological Association’s survey reports that drinking was up 23% Spring 2020 versus Spring 2019. Reportedly, binge drinking surged with women.

Now as the pandemic eases enter online programs targeting individuals dubbed as “Sober Curious” or “Gray-Area Drinkers.” For many Sober Curious the term alcoholic does not fit their current relationship with alcohol but they are at a stage where they want to test the idea of scaling back or quitting completely.

Programs seeing substantial growth include “Alcohol Experiment” by “The Naked Mind, LLC”, “Tempest” and “Luckiest Club.” These for-profit programs could be part of a developing trend towards sobriety. Moving away from drinking is being framed as a healthy lifestyle choice-one that eliminates the negative effects of alcohol and subsequently reduces the risk of depression and other diseases including Cancer. These online programs range in monthly cost from $14-$197 depending on the level of counseling etc. Unlike the free non-profit “Alcoholics Anonymous”, these newer programs say that some level of drinking is possible.


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