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High Median Income Neighborhoods in ATX

Austin Business Journal Aug 23, 2021 3:43 PM|Residential Real Estate|"New Zip Code Tops ABJs List of Wealthiest Enclaves" "Westside of City Remains Bastion of Wealth" by Michelle Pitcher

Read the Austin Business Journal to appreciate all the content and the entire list.

Summary by 2244

Top Five Zip Codes

Zip Code 78733/Median Household Income $184,500/Median Home $623,900*

Zip Code 78732/Median Household Income $167,604/Median Home $536,800*

Zip Code 78739/Median Household Income $162,274/Median Home $467,000*

Zip Code 78746/Median Household Income $151,801/Median Home $903,900*

Zip Code 78737/Median Household Income $142,411/Median Home $454,600**

Notes: *Travis County, **Hays County. Median Home is the Median Value of Owner Occupied Homes. Median is the statistic that represents the geometric mean-that is the value that divides the lower and upper half of the data. 78733 population is 8,927, 78732 population is 17,780, 78739 population is 21,040, 78746 population is 28,608 and 78737 population is 17,173.


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