Freedom of Speech, It's All Relative

The Economist November 28th 2020 pp33 |Asia|Crime in Singapore|”A city reels” “Public order is shaken by a hand-drawn smiley face”


Read the very brief article for full detail.

Jolovan Wham a resident of Singapore has been challenging the “Public Order Act” in recent years. An example. After the closing of the Speakers’ Corner, in March [COVID], “The one spot [In Singapore] where it is possible to gather without approval from the police” Wham “stood outside a police station and held up a piece of cardboard with a smiley face drawn on it and got somebody to take a picture. This was Jolovan showing support for two activists that posted a picture of them “holding placards which urged the city-state to do more to combat climate change.” Now hundreds of Wham supporters have “posted selfies with smiley faces on social media.” “Call this a crime wave.”