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Driverless Fords from Argo AI Roaming Austin Streets During Daylight Hours

Austin Business Journal May 27th to June 2nd 2022 pp10 |Transportation|”No Driver, No Problem: Fully Autonomous Cars On Streets” by Nate Doughty, Pittsburgh Inno

Read the Austin Business Journal for all the details

Summary by 2244

Image from Argo.AI See the website for more detail on the recent launch in Austin, Texas #driverlesscars #austin

“Argo AI announced it is now operating vehicles without human drivers on public streets in Austin and Miami.” According to this report, Argo is teaming with Lyft and Ford to put “driverless taxis on Austin roads” this year at a date TBA. CEO of Argo, Bryan Salesky says Argo is “the first to operate AVs without human drivers in either Miami or Austin.” These vehicles operate during daytime hours with the most recent projects being “a goods delivery program in partnership with Walmart Inc.”

Get more information on the launch at Argo.AI

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