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Central ATX Ground Parking 17%

Around Austin-With 17% of Central City (See Map Below) devoted to surface parking Austin scores 43 with an algorithm developed by making Austin slightly better than cities with a population between 0.5-1 Million. San Francisco by comparison has a score of 4, Honolulu 26, Austin 43, Dallas 75, San Antonio 81, Houston 82 and lowest Arlington, Texas at 100. Cities with too much parking are reportedly less walkable and less livable. Surface parking space can be developed to facilitate "walkable [more dense housing] neighborhoods, vibrant parks, or office districts." Jeff Speck's Tweet is highlighted on "The twin gods of Smooth Traffic and Ample Parking-have turned our downtowns into places that are easy to get to but not worth arriving at."

A selected interactive map of surface parking in Austin's Central City (See

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