Zoombomers-Phishermen-Cybercriminals & spies-Hazards of VConferencing-Don't Reveal Govt./Co. Secrets

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Time April 27-May 4, 2020 pp15 Technology “Spies are targeting Americans on video-chat platforms, U.S. intel officials say”

“Zoom’s links to China, regardless of what its CEO promises”…”create a persistent threat” according to Michael Hayden-former director of the NSA and CIA.

With the pandemic the use of video conferencing has skyrocketed and so has the “dark side” namely Zoombombers, phishermen, cybercriminals and spies especially those from China interested in company secrets. Although Zoom claimed end-to-end encryption they later retracted saying they didn’t mean to mislead the public but insist the confusion was really about terminology.

Guidance is don’t “use any videoconferencing applications to discuss sensitive information” and ….”Senators not to use Zoom at all”.

What are the alternatives to Zoom?

WHATSAPP-owned by Facebook-end-to-end encryption-easy to use-compatible IPHONE/ANDROID

HOUSEPARTY-video chats with built in fun in the form of games like “Heads Up!” and trivia.

MICROSOFT TEAMS-Professional, ideal if already using Microsoft Office has tools like screen-sharing.

JITSI-open source video chat “built with security in mind”-fully-encrypted, across all platforms. Upgraded Jitsi Meet has screen- and document-sharing.

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