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Tunnel Development by Boring in Pflugerville

Bloomberg Businessweek February 21, 2002|Double Issue|TECHNOLOGY|”Elon Tunnels Under Texas” “Documents detail plans for a testing center outside Austin” THE BOTTOM LINE “Boring Co. has pulled back on big tunneling projects that drew significant attention in California and elsewhere to focus on locations with more permissive regulatory regimes.”

Read Bloomberg Businessweek for all the details.

Summary by 2244

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Elon Musk’s Boring Company has championed potential projects that would “build tunnels for passenger traffic between Washington, D.C., and New York, underneath…[LA’s “405"]...and between Chicago and the city’s O’Hare International Airport.” Instead of working R&D in those high profile areas “Boring is working out of Pflugerville, Texas” just up the road from Tesla’s Giga Plant at the corner of Texas Toll Road 130 and Tesla Road.

The R&D test site was approved a month after applying and calls for “as many tunnels as necessary” each to be 300-600 feet long and will be dug “using a boring machine called Prufrock.” Prufrock is “an upgrade from the one Boring used to dig tunnels under the convention center in Las Vegas that have been operating for almost a year.” Katie Greer (Texas Association of Business) notes that “‘The regulatory environment in Texas is much lighter than California…and that is definitely a major reason companies are coming.’”


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