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Top Ten Austin-Based Private Companies

According to the "Austin Business Journal" Arrive Logistics is ranked as the number one Austin-Based Private Companies based on an annual 2021 revenue of $1.6 billion. Image from

Top Ten Austin-Based Private Companies as culled from "THELIST" in the "Austin Business Journal" ppA14 August 21st-September 1st 2022. See ABJ for the complete list and more detail at Note participation is voluntary and data are not independently verified.

  1. Arrive Logistics $2.1B

  2. McCoy's Building Supply $1B

  3. Texas Mutual Insurance $957.3 M

  4. Netspend Corp $886.4 M

  5. Continental Automotive Group $756.02 M

  6. HHS LLC $650 M

  7. CarbonBetter LLC $632.92 M

  8. Four Hands LLC $454.61 M

  9. Enverus $429.5 M

  10. Austin Regional Clinic $401.24 M


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