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The Gaming Business

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Entertainment-From 2017 consumer spending ($bn) has fallen for pay-tv from about 230 to about 210 forecast for 2026, while gaming has increased from about 120 to 210, video streaming from about 40 to 125. The number of video game players has increased from about 1.7 billion in 2012 to about 3.1 billion in 2022. Nintendo Switch has, as of Q4 2022, a market share of 37.6% followed by PS4 at 30%, PS5 12%, Xbox One 13.1 and Xbox Series X/S 7.3%. Subscription services Microsoft 40%, Sony 27.6%, Nintendo 10.7%, Apple 6.6%, Google 5.6%, EA 3.4% and other at 6.1%. Top mobile games, 2022 WW $bn, Honor of Kings (China) 2.8, PUBG Mobile (South Korea) 2.1, Genshin Impact (China) 1.9, Candy Crush Sage (USA) 1.3, Roblox (USA) 1.1, Coin Master (Israel) 1, Pokemon GO (USA/Japan) 0.9, Three Kingdoms Tactics (China) 0.8, Uma Musume:Pretty Derby (Japan) 0.8, Fate/Grand Order (Japan) 0.7, Monster Strike (Japan) 0.7, Lineage W (South Korea) 0.7. All data from The Economist March 25th 2023 pp4-9 "Ready, player four billion"..."As video games move from teenage distraction to universal pastime they are following the same path as other mass media, says Tom Wainwright."


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