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Give Yourself a Break

Psychology Today January/February 2022 pp56-57 “A Break Is Never A Waste of Time” “If we feel guilty indulging in leisure, then it won’t help us” By Lynn Zubernis, Ph.D.

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Summary by 2244

With the pandemic and the increase in working from home many will feel increased pressure to always be busy with productive activities and feeling guilty if we take a break.

New research (Gabriela Tonietto-Rutgers) “found that people who felt leisure activities were a waste of time had higher levels of depression, anxiety, and stress than those who placed a higher value on those pursuits.” Taking time to make the conscious decision to nurture one’s self can give us a sense of control and choice, something we may often lack in the business world, and deliver to us a “sense of balance.”

The benefits are physical and psychological including less stress, anxiety and depression. The author also notes that “working without true breaks actually tends to reduce productivity.”

Some also benefit by taking “Serious Leisure” engaging in hobbies or outside interests. “Under the umbrella of fandom [are] fans who participate in creating fiction or art about favorite films, TV series, books, bands, sports teams, or who travel to conventions, concerts” etc. For those of us who can “look past…concerns…[and] fully engage in their activities should reap…benefits such as self-expression, a sense of belonging, and the experience of joy.”

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