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Getting Organized on Communication

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Business-The above graphic is from "THE TECH RESISTANCE MAKING OFFICE LIFE HELL" Bloomberg Businessweek February 13th 2023 pp32-34. The article rightly suggests that organization's should have a defined procedure for communicating as we all have generational and even just plain old personal/professional preferences for the tools we use to communicate and work together. As it turns out, "a new technology does not add or subtract something, It changes everything" a quote mentioned in the Bloomberg piece from Neil Postman's "Technopoly; The Surrender of Culture to Technology." The article urges organizations to be "explicit about which means of communication is used for..." Adopt what works best for your group...EMAIL for, Slack for, direct messaging for, phone calls for, video meetings for etc. and define the operating parameters regarding checking in on each and norms for using and responding to the content.


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