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Coming Out of The Pandemic Mate Selection Gets Serious

Time Nov 09, 2021 1:44 PM PST “Singles Are Starting to Care Less About Looks. Here’s What They Want Instead. Here’s what you need to know.”

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Summary offered by 2244

According to a study by “Match”, singles now in 2021 are looking for a “healthy dose of emotional intelligence” rather than good looks. “Emotional maturity...tops the list of what singles are looking for, beating out all other qualities.” Other leading characteristics cited by the study were “stability and security in long-term partners.” Physical attractiveness still ranked as an important quality by 78% of respondents but that’s down from 90% in 2020. 83% also ranked “being open-minded and accepting differences as important” and 84% cited being a good communicator as key attribute.

Only 11% of these 2021 respondents say they “want to date casually” with 65% wanting a “relationship in the next year.” Both single men and single women are more interested in getting married by 22% and 14% respectively compared to the prior two years. Helen Fisher (Match) commented that “the effect of the pandemic on these cultural changes cannot be emphasized enough.” Would-be partners also are now seeking financial stability by 20% more than the two prior years. Having experienced the pandemic “73% of singles said they got better at prioritizing important things in their lives over the past year.”


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