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Body Armor? New Customers Seek Protection

NPR.ORG June 14th 2022 by Jaclyn Diaz “Sales of body armor are on the rise. Who’s buying and why?”

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Summary by 2244

Image from A armored backpack for sale

As a fallout from the spike of mass shootings, makers of body armor are reporting higher sales. “These businesses believe their customers are looking for more protection in a world that has been feeling increasingly unsafe.” David Reece (Armored Republic) commented for the article that “‘You can’t control what lawmakers do. But you can buy your own child a backpack with armor in it.” Reportedly customers, now facing backlogs from the increased demand, are “buying items such as covert bulletproof T-shirts and backpacks as well as standard bulletproof vests of various strengths.”

Who’s buying body armor?

With few restrictions, violent felons are prohibited, and weak enforcement “sellers say they require buyers to be at least 18.” Some locales, notably CT and NY are adopting and enforcing new regulations. CT must buy in person and NY “just passed restrictions on what types of body armor can be sold and who can buy it.”

Although “buyers are now more diverse”, not surprisingly most buyers are in law enforcement or journalists “working in hostile environments.” Those on the political extremes, that tend to be armed, have been users but “at UARM, the customer base tends to be people working night shifts at gas stations or liquor stores.” Sadly, “The Violence Project has found that at least 21 mass shooters over the last 40 years have worn body armor, the majority in the last decade.” Now buyers new to body armor are wanting to “be able to wear something and feel comfortable that if they were shot with a handgun, they’re gonna be protected.”


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