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AI to Reduce Commercial Food Waste

Time October 25/November 1, 2021 pp100|Next Generation Leaders|SINGAPORE| 27 Year Old| Rayner Loi “Using AI to reduce food waste” by Amy Gunia

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In 2017 Rayner Loi started Lumitics “a company that tracks food waste on a commercial scale” with the hope of helping hotels and airlines to understand food and economic losses stemming from wasted food. Most of us would be surprised to know that wasted food “accounts for a whopping 10% of global warming.” A recent study reported that “1.2 billion tons of food [is] lost on the world’s farms, and 900 million tons [are] wasted in stores, restaurants and homes.”

“Lumitics uses garbage cans equipped with weight sensors, cameras, and AI technology that can recognize and track the type and amount of food that gets thrown out-including whether it’s spoiled, uneaten or kitchen scraps.” Objectively understanding waste allows institutions to adjust accordingly by reducing “food put out at a breakfast buffet, or [cutting] back on buying certain ingredients.” Loi claims to have helped his client hotels to save more than 300,000 meals in 2019. Looking to expand beyond Singapore, Rayner currently works with major clients like the “Four Seasons hotel in Singapore and airlines including Etibad Airways.”

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