2020 Tech Review-Emerging from COVID What Will Persist Later in 2021?

Bloomberg Businessweek |Technology| December 28, 2020 pp21|Review|”The Year in Tech”

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“Streaming and gaming boomed…as did…delivering anything! to your house”

“Jobs went online” Microsoft Teams average users jumped from ~14,000,000 nearly 120,000,000 from July 2019 to October 2020. MSFT share price over the same interval went from $135.66 to $206.19 (Not in article)

“Disney online video paid subscribers” Q4’20 were 121,000,000 up from 32,000,000 Q4’19. Disney shares were $177.30 end of 2020 Vs $143.77 end of 2019 (Not in article)

From 12/27/19 to 12/18/20 the SP500 rose about 16% while the “Info Tech Subindex” rose nearly 40%. Big winners were Nvidia (+125%), PayPal (+117%), AMD (+107%), ServiceNow (+91%) and Cadence Design Systems (+88%) with big losers were FLIR Systems (-18%), Intel (-21%), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (-23%), Xerox (-35%) and DXC Technology (-36%)

“U.S. e-commerce retail sales, seasonally adjusted rose from about $150B in Q3’19 to slightly more than $200B Q3’20. In the same comparison online grocery sales rose 310%, DoorDash order 237%, Walmart e-commerce sales 79%, Amazon North America retail revenue 39%. Other gainers Zoom 485%, Chromebook Shipments 123%, Game streaming on Twitch 86%, Netflix membership 23% and Facebook 15%. Downsides for Uber trips -35%, Lyft -44% and value of gross bookings on Expedia -68%.

By middle of 2021 fewer Americans may be standing in place and then trends will reveal the permanence of e-commerce, the uptick for chipmakers and the impact of pend-up demand for luxury and business travel.

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