Urban Coyotes

The Economist January 18th, 2020 pp 23 reports America’s Animals “City Critters” “Chicago. A shift in global trade may explain the spread of urban coyotes”

In the past, coyotes were rarely found east of the Mississippi River but now they are familiar urban dwellers including places like NYC and Chicago-where 2,000-4,000 roam the streets. Less natural habitat, no predators (wolves) and lower market demand from Europe for fox pelts account for the increasing prevalence of urban coyotes. Coyotes feast on berries, rodents, fawn, geese, small dogs and cats. As nefarious as they might seem, only one human death by coyote has been recorded in the last 40 years. By contrast, domestic dogs kill 50 annually and moving-vehicle accidents involving deer kill 200.

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