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TX 360 Overpasses Coming at Westlake Drive and Cedar Street. Access for Cyclists Too!

KUT90.5 June 2nd 2022 9:53 AM CDT “Work starts on first project to remove traffic lights along loop 360” by Nathan Bernier

Read or listen to KUT90.5 for all the detail

Summary by 2244

Traffic on TX360 stopped at Westlake Drive. Project 360 will have TX360 moving under Westlake Drive and Cedar Street.

As Austinites know it’s a drag stopping at traffic signals along TX-360, AKA Capital of Texas Highway, because at least some of us sense wonder how this wasn't converted to freeway decades ago. Alas, get ready for at least a three year grind to begin removing traffic lights and creating some separate access for “cyclists and pedestrians”...“along loop 360” starting at Westlake Drive and Cedar Street.

Loop 360 Project, as it is known, will cost “$72.1 million” with portions coming from “a $702 million Mobility Bond authorized by voters in 2016” and $14 million earmarked “from the City of Austin.” Bottomline, TX 360 will run under Westlake Drive and Cedar Drive allowing traffic-signal-free driving on TX 360 in this segment leading to Pennybacker Bridge.

Giving its complexity and the numerous stakeholders. including homeowners, neighborhoods, cyclists, pedestrians and TXDOT, the project having been discussed in meetings since 2019 has not been without controversy. These concerns, which are detailed in the KUT90.5 report, center primarily on safety for cyclists and the cutting into the limestone walls-which reduce the setback from neighborhoods. The changes once instituted will improve mobility and overall traffic safety in the area.

Some of the limestone walls seen here on northbound TX360 before Westlake Drive will be cut back to provide a frontage road and a protected lane for cyclists and pedestrians.


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