Tragic Loss Of Life Continues At RM2244 Near Weston and Lowell. TXDOT Failing Unincorporated Areas.

Scene at RM2244, Bee Cave Road, and Weston Lane Sunday 7:45PM about two hours after a four-vehicle fatal crash at Lowell Lane just beyond the crest of the hill. As reported by ATCEMS on Twitter "Multiple assets from #ATCEMS, @WestlakeFD, @AustinFireinfo responding to a vehicle rescue 7900-8019 FM 2244 RD (17:21) Reported 4 vehicle collision with pin in. #MoveOverSlowDown & watch for responders in the area. Expect #ATXTraffic delays & closures. More info to follow." "Update #TravCoTrafficFatality vehicle rescue 7900-8019 FM 2244 RD: #ATCEMSMedics have obtained a Deceased On Scene pronouncement of 1 patient. Additional involved are being evaluated. Expect closures for investigation. More information to follow" posted 5:41 Oct 4, 2020.

As reported by many, including, a deputy was killed after going over the rail on the east bound side of the road, middle of picture background, earlier this year in a two vehicle collision. At the time, local residents indicated that since 1996 seven have been killed on this stretch of RM2244 at or near Weston LN. Also one local resident claimed trucks have been clocked at 77 mph coming Westbound down the grade from Barton Creek Blvd. Residents note that the guard rails, in this view, on both the Westbound and Eastbound directions seemingly are repaired multiple times per year.

In the last two years a number of traffic signals have been approved on RM2244 with one functional now at Senna Hills, one in progress near Cuernavaca (For new Church/School Facility still under construction, installed but not functional) and another at Seven Oaks Way (For large commercial office space still under construction, operating but just flashing yellow). The progress at Weston, oddly where deaths have occurred, has been slower-power for signaling equipment installed. Just early this week, A Travis County Sheriff Unit was observed monitoring traffic speed down the grade.

2244, admitedly are not traffic engineers but suggest immediately decreasing the Westbound speed limit in this area to 45 MPH. Safety first !

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