TED^X Youth@Austin Apricity-UT Austin Official Literary & Arts Magazine. Interactive.

The lecture portion consisted of live speakers on internet privacy-through your posts, your open mic and video countless companies are tracking your preferences selling the data to advertisers and plugging you into algorithms that may be accurate only 70-80% of the time so beware that is why your phone anticipates your purchasing needs and why you may not get that job you wanted (view this talk if no other from TED^XYouth@Austin), global warming-it's all about the soil/microorganisms/avoiding nitrogen fertilizers/revitalizing the soil/planting, how to carryon dialog in these polarizing times-first seek to understand and find common ground, what we can learn from pets-positive reinforcement, accept what you can't control, focus on your goals, the value of learning and applying a second language by reaching out to the heart of the native speaker-especially important in medicine, and what entrepreneur companies are looking for in candidates-coachability (taking the coaching as a gift and quickly adapt), work ethic-be the fastest to be an expert and attitude-enjoyment of a challenge. We had performance poetry by Imaad Khan (see his two poems), music by two youth groups-Down to Funk (Jazz), and Soultree Collective (R&B). Hip Hop dance by a youth group led by Caroline Cullers. The well-attended event organized largely by Travis and Williamson county youth with some key adult mentors.

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