Staying Upbeat at Work

Bloomberg Businessweek March 9, 2020 pp38 Strategies “The Enlightened Office”. “New research takes a deeper look at the role emotions play on the job”.

According to Allison Gabriel, (University of Arizona) “Workplaces are more emotionally charged given current events, work and family stressors”.

More than 17,000 studies in the last two years have been performed to understand “regulating emotions it the workplace”.

Three take homes from highlighted studies are; “Don’t hide your feelings”, “Don’t worry be happy” and “Don’t get overwhelmed”.

If you are feeling down pair that with positivity. We often regulate our feelings to benefit others. We are better off questioning such behavior to avoid our own suffering.

When angry we are more likely to “lash out” but luckily guilt acts to reduce our “unethical behavior”.

Being positive is good for the workplace. Practice positivity by being creative, by engaging, by coping, by teamwork and by focusing on customer satisfaction.

We best manage “ups and downs” by acting with enthusiasm, confidence, energy and alertness.

To avoid becoming burned-out, reframe negative experiences in a positive light and don’t ruminate.

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