SpaceX Broad Band and Space Jam-Could We Be Saying Goodbye To Black Sky?

Scientific American May 2020 pp8 “Preserve the Night Sky” “Thousands of new satellites could ruin a view that has inspired and connected billions of people throughout history” by Roger Drimmel

SpaceX so far has launched hundreds of its sun-reflecting “Starlink” satellites and ultimately plans more than 40,000. These vehicles will enable high-speed internet across the globe but if the additional satellites are as reflecting of light, as the current models which are brighter than any of the 5,000 preexisting satellites, then they will have an impact during dusk and dawn. The Starlink's exterior surfaces are covered by Solar Panels which reflect sunlight at dawn and dusk. What is now a relatively rare sighting eventually hundreds of satellites will be visible to the “naked eye”. Imagine a “100 moving points of light…near dawn and dusk from any point on the planet”. Without intervention such a situation will be confusing and bad for amateur and professional astronomers.

SpaceX plans to address the issue but unlike earthly rules and regulations other than recommendations there is little ability to regulate peaceful satellites.

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