Somethings Do Change-Burglary Is Down

Bloomberg Businessweek July 6, 2020 pp68 “Burglary Isn’t What It Used to Be” by Justin Fox

Part of BBW’s ‘Heist Issue’ ends with a piece on Burglary.

Burglary today is 20% of what it was in 1980. Reasons for this are less cash kept at home, rapid outdating of electronic devices, SmartPhone Apps and other opportunities for criminals. In some cases, other opportunities consist of-legitimate work and in other cases more profitable crime such as drug distribution and identity theft. Home burglary constitutes 65% of burglary but is lower now with stay-at-home in COVID-19 but there's an increase in commercial burglary. Burglary per 100,000 is 715 in England and Wales, 675 in Australia, 456 in Switzerland, 433 in Canada, 393 in Germany, 376 in America, 369 in Netherlands, 323 in Spain, 316 in Italy and 4 in Singapore.

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