Silent COVID19 Carriers Are Real, Mask Up! Do Some Have Silent Lung Damage?

Time June 22-29, 2020 pp14 The Brief Health “The risks of COVID-19’s asymptomatic spread” by Alice Park

The brief confirms that those confirmed positive for COVID-19 but without apparent signs and/or symptoms spread the disease. Eric Topol, M.D. (Scripts Research Translational Institute), a co-author on a new paper (Ann Intern Med 03June 2020, DP Oran & EJ Topol) reports … “that up to 40-45% of coronavirus cases can likely be traced to people who spread the virus without ever knowing they were infected”. “The ranges of what can happen with SARS-CoV-2 is from no symptoms to [death]”. These findings are consistent with test data demonstrating that individuals with and without symptoms have similar viral RNA levels (Nasopharyngeal swab samples). …”basically [these are] the reason[s] why we have to all wear masks-because nobody knows who is an asymptomatic carrier”. A stunning find from the Diamond Princess cohort is that “nearly half [of 76 asymptomatic persons tested by CT Scan] showed signs of lung-tissue damage typical of coronavirus infection”. This suggests that COVID-19 may be causing silent damage.

Why are some COVID-19 positive individuals without S&S? Experts speculate that some have a better immune response generally or a better immune response specifically attributed to prior exposure to less virulent coronaviruses. Alternatively, they may be infected by a less potent form of COVID-19.

Topol says “For every one person who is sick, there are a whole lot of people who have the virus and don’t know it”.

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