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Record Number of Jobs Pledged to Central Texas in 2021 from 228 Companies

Austin Business Journal January 21-27, 2022 pp6|LABOR MARKET|”AT LEAST 26,697 JOBS PLEDGED IN ‘21” “It was a banner year of jobs; Chamber CEO notices a more diverse workforce” by Kathryn Hardison

Read the Austin Business Journal for all the details

Summary by 2244

Looking back 2021 had the most ever new jobs for Central Texas pledged at 26,697. Other notable milestones were 4,664 (2004), ~2,500 (2009), 9,615 (2012) and 20,000 (2000). The biggest announcements were Samsung (Taylor TX 2,000 jobs) and Amazon. According to Gary Farmer (Opportunity Austin) “‘Companies continue to come to Central Texas in search of talent, and we’re fortunate we’re in a place that has a great deal of talented people.”

About half of the pledge jobs, “11,704”, were from 90 companies that “announced relocations to the Austin metro.” 138 companies that are expanding operations “in the region…have announced plans to create 14,993 jobs.” There may be more jobs as not all companies announce their hiring plans. Far from early Austin economies, the movement of a diversified set of industries effectively buffers economic activity in “good times and bad.”


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