Passport Holding Percentages-Why Japanese Are Reluctant to Travel

The Economist February 29th, 2029 pp32 Japanese abroad. “The endangered tourist”. “Fewer and fewer Japanese want to see the world”.

Interestingly, % of citizens holding a passport by country; Britain ~75%, New Zealand ~72%, Sweden ~70%, Canada ~ 63%, Australia ~58%, America ~43%, Japan ~24% and China ~13%.

This short piece, from The Economist, focuses on the Japanese who are welcomed in at least 191 countries but have seen a slow decline in travel interest even amongst students. Today with Japanese unemployment being very low, Japanese students no longer need international experience to land a good job. Fewer also can afford the luxury of $36,000 for a year of study abroad caused in part by slow wage growth and a weak Yen.

The more traditionally cited explanations for low Japanese travel include little annual leave, worries about safety, concerns about being embarrassed and inferior cuisine abroad.

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