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Our Gen-gen-gin-eration!

By Janice Stene Streig January 2022

Our GEN-gen-gin-eration !

We are the Woodstock generation!

We have changed things along the way.

We tried to see Both Sides Now,

as we traveled through Strawberry Fields Forever.

We protested the VietNam war

As the flowers and our voices were Blowing in the Wind.

When The Fools on the Hill took our youth to war,

we heard in our heads Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right.

And we yelled and protested loudier to the Lyin Eyes

That eventually surrendered our wounded, shadows of their youth, they once were...

Our Broken Boy Soldiers came Back into Our Arms Again.

Many of our young boys didn't come home, they Left a Hole in the World which we will never be able to fill.

The Times They are a Changin was right in music and in our own lives.

We had our Yesterdays and knew that All Things will Pass.

It was our generation that was left with large, massive cities where they Took Down the Trees and put up Parking Lots.

We were no longer Like a Rolling Stone.

As whispers of beautiful evenings and the call of Lay, Lady Lay brought us into parenthood.

A Fool Believes and we did.

Good Lovin and a new eventful future was in store for us.

The Thrill is Gone as we worked and raised our families.

Our weekend out with our friends turned into memories.

The Sunday Kind of Love was greeted with our bare feet and coffee in hand.

While trying to miss stepping on Legos as we held our screaming kid.

Monday, Monday always came too quickly.

The weekends would disappear into mild, but loving chaos.

We longed for a Sound of Silence.

A Change will Come, we hoped.

What a Fool Believes became an anthem for many .

Minute by Minute we watched and marveled at our children.

Eventually, as they grew, we grew into a Peaceful Easy Feeling.

We finally were asked, and we relinquished, by saying, Drive My Car.

Hoping they would get home safe and not to have to face

a Bridge Over Troubled Water.

For us at times, it was a Hard Day’s Night

until we heard the click of the key turning in the lock.

Their Glory Days had begun.

We knew that Hard Rain's Gonna Fall as they searched for their place in life’s Circle Games.

They were now going through a new kind of Growing Pains.

Now their hair is entwined with a Touch of Gray as our hair fades and falls away.

September Song becomes the lyrics of our lives .

Creases change our appearances.

Everything grows tired.

We are Young at Heart and old in our own skin.

Someone will say, Do You Remember ?

We reply, God Only Knows.

Always and Forever I feel that at times I Am The Little Old Lady from Pasadena.

AS I putt-putt in my hybrid car.

My kids will say Maybe, I’m Amazed, she still has it in her.

Later, while sitting in my rocking chair,

I nod my head as the term Rock Me Gently takes on a new meaning.

Being that we are the older generation we have become wall paper to many in their world.

Like what we say doesn’t matter.

Raise your voice and let your opinions be heard.

As you grow older don’t morph into a disgruntled, unkempt person, a curmudgeon.

You will remind many of a poor, sorrowful old person.

The same type we once ignored and we thought was strange.

Walk out with your head held high and a smile on your face.

Tell your stories, your history to your family and write your will.

Work your magic

as we have had A Whole Lot of Lovin in our lives.

We can sit at The Dock of the Bay

and know that The Stairway to Heaven is still part of our future.

So, enjoy life, we’ve made it this far!

May peace in our lives be our norm, not the exception.


Songs sung by: The title; the Who, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Judy Collins, the Doobie Brothers, Jimmy Durante, the Eagles, Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead, George Harrison, Etta James, Heat Wave, Andy Kim, BB King, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Ludgeris, the Mamas and the Papas, the Mavericks, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Willie Nelson, the Raconteurs, the Rascals, Simon and Garfunkel, Frank Sinatra and many more.


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