One World Theatre, Seth Glier & Dar Williams Delight.

Backing Dar, Seth-singer/songwriter, pianist, guitarist and activist delighted by opening with a highly creative, and meticulous set. He shared light-hearted, heartfelt and an amazing "Justice for All" where he played out a gallow scene by layering sounds, lyric and chorus using a looping synthesizer. Check out

Dar, opened with "The Mercy of the Fallen" displaying all that is Dar's best musicality-great songwriting, lovely voice and with Seth backing as tight as any recording. Like many a folk troubadour, Dar, spins interesting, sometimes political and sometimes amusing banter leading into a song like "The Babysitter's Here"-a highlight along with many others including Iowa. She closed the show with a driving rendition of her 1996 classic "As Cool as I Am" remarkably relevant in 2020. Zach Lupetin of "The Show on the Road" noted Dar "inspired generations of women to fearlessly embrace their creativity and exercise their limitless potential". Check out

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