My Hometown-Miramar

Very much like John's Grill on Ellis in San Francisco see

A slice of American in the small farming town of Watsonville California. When I started eating there regularly they had already been operating for twenty years and it felt old school but was remarkable-a place in time where family businesses were staffed by family and long-term workers from the community, the food was fresh with the homestyle Croatian cooking.

This posting by the FB group "Remembering Watsonville" instantly brought back the great smells and tastes of fresh french bread, real butter, vegtable laced crispy salads, grilled streaks, roasts and gravy. Occasionally the menu featured unforgettable served-hot giant abalone steaks-tender and so tasty served with crunchy perfectly-salted hot french fries.

The grill side was very midwestern, fairly quiet, booth, wood-panel and brightly lit. Service was white shirt, slacks with apron-friendly and impeccable. The Club side was appropriately lighted in shadows, cocktail waitress in black and had the added ambiance of freshly-made drinks, chatter and music.

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