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McMansioning Continues in Rollingwood

Around Austin-McMansions continue to replace older and much smaller Rollingwood homes. In 2006, the city of Austin, Texas created a McMansion Ordinance that essentially allowed square footage to be no more than 2,300 sqft or 0.4 times the lot space. For a one acre lot equivalent to 43,560 that calculation would allow 17,424, a quarter acre or 10,890 sqft would allow 4,356, a tenth acre or 4,356 would allow 2,300 sqft as a calculated allowed would have been less than 2,300 sqft at 1,742 sqft. Back in 2017 McMansioning was a topic in The City of Rollingwood but no ordinance has been created restricting home sizes (Austin American Statesman June 7th 2017). According to ibid of the 530 homes there were 67 building permits for construction. Community complaints cited concerns "that views are being altered when small homes are replaced with extremely large ones" and another said they don't "want to see 'McMansions' change the character of the city..." It seems, since, the character has clearly changed. On Wednesday April 5th 2023, one commercial site showed eight Rollingwood homes for sale of which six were clearly new construction; $6.5M 5,331 sqft, $11.9M 9,477 sqft, $7.95 5,244 sqft, $3.95M 3,642, $5M 4,830 and $5.2M 5,728. See more snapshots below.

Around Austin-The old standard of Rollingwood

Around Austin-Indeed since 2017 and before replacements or massive remodeling has gone seeminly unabated.

Around Austin-McMansion recently completed in Rollingwood. The 2017 Austin American reported new construction of 7,000 sqft.

Around Austin-McMansion being built in Rollingwood. The 2017 Austin American reported new construction of 7,000 sqft.


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