Live Music Deprivation COVID-19 Style

Rolling Stone June 2020 pp28+29 The Mix “Life without Live” by Bob Sheffield.

Mark Stene.

Fleetwood Mac with Mike Campbell Erwin Center Austin Texas February 9, 2019

Bob muses about living without being able to attend NYC live events during the pandemic. “Staying inside keeps us safe. It also costs us the greatest communal experience a music fan has access to packing into a sweaty club or stadium for a concert”. “We go to be part of that crowd”. Currently he’s listening to Waxahatchee, Adult Mom, Moses Sumney, DaBaby, Protomartyr, Neil Young Fireside Sessions, old mixed tapes and live albums. We can relate. He has created “A Stay-At-Home Playlist” …”songs, albums, docs and random YouTube footage keeping Sheffield sane during the pandemic”.

“Night Comes In” 1975 Richard and Linda Thompson

“Frank Ocean” 2020 Kaash Paige

“I Feel All Right” 1968 James Brown

“Berlin” 2020 Adult Mom

“Blow Your Face Out” 1976 The J. Geils Band

“House With A Hundred Rooms” 1987 The Chills

“Pu$$y Fairy (OTW)” 2020 Jhene Aiko

“Murder Most Foul” 2020 Bob Dylan

“Spirits in the Forest” 2019 Depeche Mode

“Suba Driving” Jerry Garcia. …”YouTube footage of Jerry underwater in Hawaii,…”

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