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Largest Austin-Area Employers

Austin Business Journal July 29th-August 4th 2022 pp21-22 |The List| “Largest Austin-Area Employers Ranked by Number of Local Employees As Of July 2022

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Summary by 2244

The State of Texas is the largest Austin-Area employer, followed by HEB and the City of Austin. Image Capitol of Texas Building from City of Austin's Waterloo Park.

The largest Austin-Area employer is the State of Texas at 63,900, followed by HEB 20,749 and the City of Austin 13,114

Top 20-Non Government

HEB 20,749 Employees

Dell Technologies 13,000

Ascension Texas 12,086

Amazon 11,000

St. Davids Healthcare 10,854

Walmart 7,800

Apple 7,000

Home Depot 6,475

IBM 6,000

Accenture 5,376

Tesla 5,000

Baylor, Scott & White 4,051

NXP Semiconductors 3,780

Applied Materials 3,780

AMD 3,575

General Motors IT Innovation Center 3,548

Samsung Austin Semiconductor 3,300

Charles Schwab 3,000

Whole Foods 2,915

Indeed 2,900


State of Texas 63,900

City of Austin 13,114

Travis County 4,921

LCRA 2,162


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