Keith "You Got The Silver"

Updated: Nov 23

Around Austin-Keith Richards plays "You Got The Silver" being accompanied by Ron Wood on acoustic slide guitar and Darryl Jones on Bass. Keith gave Mick a rest by playing "Connection" and then "You Got The Silver" following the opening tune "Street Fighting Man" then "It's Only Rock and Roll, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Tumbling Dice, Let It Bleed, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Living in a Ghost Town, Start Me Up, and Honky Tonk Women." Early highlights include a enthusiastic sing-along to "You Can't Always Get What You Want." "You Got The Silver" an acoustic gem bluesy tune capped the first half of the show. Recognizing the applause and appreciation Keith responded by commenting "Gold rings on you all."

Around Austin-Ron Wood's 20-NOV-21 Playlist illustration from the No Filter tour at COTA