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If I Could Fix One Thing-Woman Leaders Speak Up

Bloomberg Businessweek March 21, 2022 pp76|EQUALITY ISSUE|FIXES|”Just One Thing” “We asked experts: If you could enact a single policy or take a single action to make the world more equitable, what would it be? Here’s what they said” As told to Kelsey Butler and Olivia Konotey-Ahulu

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Halima Begum, CEO, Runnymede Trust. “Close the racial pay gap” Begum calls for “making ethnicity pay gap (EPG) reporting mandatory at workplaces” with more than 250 staff. She see this as “the lowest of low-hanging fruit.”

Christen Brandt, Chief Programs Officer, She’s the First. “Improve girls’ education” Impoverished girls lack a quality education. Women-led organizations in the “Global South” are underfunded yet are “best positioned to support girls with school costs, life skills training, and local mentors to advise them on challenges along the way.”

Carrie Davis, Chief Community Officer, the Trevor Project. “Transgender acceptance.” “Elected officials need to stop using transgender and nonbinary youth as political pawns.” Efforts though must start in “your home and your community.”

Reshma Sujani, Author. “Equal pay for women” When it comes to child care the parent is “often a woman” who essentially exchanges her wages to pay for child care. Even worse, for single parents. Reshma calls for “companies to subsidize child care.”


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