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How To Land Investor Money

Inc. Nov 19, 2021 “Steve Wozniak Says to Focus on These 3 Things When You Pitch Your Startup to Investors” “Here’s what you need to do to impress the co-founder of Apple” by Fran Velasquez.

Read Inc. for all the details.

Summary offered by 2244

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Some key questions need answers before approaching potential investors

Can your product or service “realistically be manufactured” or offered realistically?

Does your product or service improve on what it’s aiming to replace?

Steve’s 3 tips

“Lead with your passion.” In pitching Apple with Steve Jobs to investors way back in 1976 Wozniak “learned that faith in one’s business was the most persuasive element to land a deal.” Communicate “‘That you really come from caring about something.’”

“Focus on storytelling.” “Wozniak said he and Jobs told stories about how customers would find value in their products…It helped explain to investors how consumers would want what they’re selling in an engaging and informative way.”

“Know your company inside and out.” To convince investors “to put their money behind your company” you must demonstrate a complete understanding of your company’s operations being able to answer confidently and without hesitating. “Try to answer every question with relevant information...”


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