How to Have That Difficult Conversation

Psychology Today November/December 2020 pp58. “Talking When It’s Not Easy How To…Have Difficult Conversation. By Dan Mager MSW

Quotes from the brief article

Read PT for this and other articles on this topic of “How to Talk to Anyone”.

“Talking with someone about challenging or difficult topics requires preparation…”

“As much as possible, stay at about the same eye level”

“Speak in as calm a tone as possible”

“Avoid finger-pointing”

“Avoid yelling, cursing, name-calling, put-downs or threats”

“Be as clear as possible about your concerns and the things you’d like to change”

“Do not interrupt”

“Approach the conversation with openness and an interest in problem solving, not just in being right”

“Keep to the topic at hand”

“Do not walk away without the other person’s agreement”

“Take responsibility for feeling the way you do”

“Drop your assumptions”

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