Hill Country Conservancy "Here Forever"

George Cofer, CEO-Hill Country Conservancy, highlighted the fundamentals of trail building during a short hike. Secure the land, get agency approvals, plan each segment with trail architects and with great effort build trails that will last. George says "First rule of trailbuilding is keep the water off". Through these efforts a 13 mile hike from the Wildflower Center to Zilker part is possible. For details including accessibility and future organized hikes see: https://www.hillcountryconservancy.org.

In a wash along the Violet Crown Trail. Shown from left Adrienne Longenecker, CFRE (COO of HCC), Sarah Dean (Donor Relations Manager of HCC), George Cofer (CEO of HCC) and fellow hikers Dave and Elijah.

Through the numerous fissures water begins filtering into the all important Edwards Aquifer.

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