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          HBR "The New Analytics of Culture"

          "Harvard Business Review" reports "What email, Slack and Glassdoor reveal about your organization". HBR January/February 2020 pp 77-83. Matthew Corritore, Amir Goldberg and Sameer B. Srivastava.

          Depending on the business or project cycle, "workplace culture" can help or hinder creativity or reduce efficiency. Having said that, getting objective cultural data is challenging. Traditionally, employee surveys and interviews were best available. Today, companies are supplementing these efforts with e-data (email, Slack, Glassdoor etc.).

          Using these data, the authors highlight their findings; 1) increase retention by hiring those aligned with your workplace's core values (projects, business needs bring change but core values remain), 2) besides core values, adapting is essential for personal and business success 3) yet some cultural diversity is critical for creativity and innovation-find and manage a balance. 4) Ultimately, being innovative and efficient is key. Dialoging but then delivering.

          Big Brother! Using e-data feels "Orwellian"! Safeguards are needed for avoiding inappropriate disclosure (privacy) and use (disciplinary action). Algorithms developed and validated from e-data must be occasionally reviewed for accuracy and for avoiding bias.