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Got Ghosted? What To Do!

Fast Company 1.9.22 |WORK LIFE| “4 things to do if you’ve been ghosted at work” by Judith Humphrey

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Summary by 2244

“Getting ghosted is an ever more present and unsettling reality-an unwelcome byproduct of a world where people feel more disconnected from each other than ever.”

Something that started in the online dating world has reached even the workplace where “it is common for companies to ghost job applicants.” Even more unsettling is when we're ghosted by people we’ve come to know. This has only added to the woes of living in the pandemic at a time most would agree we “crave understanding, empathy, and connection.” Beneath this trend is the “fact that face-to-face communication is sadly on the decline.”

So what to do if ghosted?

“If a company ghosts you”

If you feel you’re being ghosted by a company during the interview process follow-up by phone and “if the employer doesn’t respond, consider yourself lucky you won’t be joining that enterprise.”

“If a new acquaintance ghosts you”

Sometimes we meet someone and they close the conversation with “let’s stay in touch” as a nice but unintended sendoff. If the relationship has personal or professional importance then persist but ultimately if unsuccessful then “let it go.”

“If a colleague ghosts you”

Today each of us likely have an expected time for getting a response to text, instant messaging, email etc. but we must keep in mind that the recipient might be busy or offline and unable to respond. The authors suggest you “switch to a different medium…if you follow up twice with no response.” Always, if you need a response it is good business practice to ask that the recipient acknowledge receipt of the message and if important ask for a response within a specified timeframe.


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