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Golf A Game of Probability-How Amateur's Performance Compares with the Professionals

Golf-Pictured here Hideki Matsuyama at the 2021 Dell Match Play (RM2244.COM archive). Professional golfers three putt percentage from 40 feet is 11% while high handicappers (20 handicap) are 50%. In a 30 yard up-and-down professionals make 41% compared to high handicappers at 13%. High handicappers make only 39% of six footers while professionals make 70%. The professionals are also much better at proximately to the hole from 100 yards at 19 feet versus 52 feet for high handicappers. Fairways hit percentages are closer "Tour Pros 60%, Scratch Golfers 48%, 10-handicappers 45% and 20-handicappers 41%." All these data from @loustagner cited in a "GOLF" magazine publication online by Zephyr Melton. Getting closer on approach, doing better from around the green, and setting the right speed on lag putts are the best areas of practice focus for amateurs wanting to improve.


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