FM2244 Fatal Crash Near Weston Lane 0650AM Wednesday March 18, 2020.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

ATCEMS reported via Twitter 0736AM "#TravisCoTrafficFatality UPDATE 2 Vehicle Rescue at 7700 FM2244 RD: #ATCEMSMedics have obtained a Deceased on Scene pronouncement of an adult patient. Also reporting 2nd patient involved, who has been declared at Trauma Alert. Expect extended traffic closure in area". 0736 Mar 18, 2020.

Local residents expressed grief and ongoing concerns regarding the unsafe conditions on this stretch of FM2244. They recall as many as eight fatalities dating back to the late 1990s and wonder, with the growth in the area, how this part of the road is still listed at 60 MPH going Westbound (60 MPH sign is just 200 Yards before Weston Lane). Locals also pointed out that the guardrail in the foreground is damaged and replaced repeatedly (see picture showing new posts and railing). Also one observer, mentioned just up the road past Lowell Lane is a Child Day Care School. Construction of a traffic signal, at Weston and FM2244, was promised for 2019 but the start of installation was delayed until just recently. A resident hoped that the speed limit would be decreased to 45 MPH on or before the stop light is active. He recalled that trucks have been clocked at 77 MPH coming Westbound down the grade approaching Weston Lane.