Faraway, so close

Around Austin-"Faraway so close" was presented by Brett Ishida and Ishida Dance at Dell Fine Arts Center at St. Andrews on August 13&14, 2021. Above Brett provides an overview of the program and ties it "Faraway, so close" to our struggle with the isolation caused by the COVID pandemic. Three acts were presented "dream of black you come roaming" dancers Elise Monson, Maddie Medina, Christie Partelow, Myles Lavallee, Kade Cummings, Jamii Melvin, Alexander Anderson, Doron Park, Anthony Tette, "true love will find you in the end" dancers Anthony Tette, Elise Monson and "longing floats around you" dancers Myles Lavallee, Maddie Medina, Anthony Tette, Jamaii Melvin, Christian Burse, Kaylin Strutevant and Avery Moore. See Photographs below. See IshidaDance.Org for more detail.

Moment from "dream of black you come roaming".

Moment from "true love will find you in the end"

Moment from "longing floats around you"