Earth Day-Top 10 Things In Our Control

It's all about the ozone layer. This March one of the lowest for ozone ever caused by unusual weather conditions. See for details.

Rolling Stone April 2020 pp75 “The True Cost of Carbon” “Ways to reduce your CO2 emissions”


A gallon of gas spent while driving makes 20 pounds of CO2, fast forward a year an average American total is 10,000 pounds for driving and all Carbon spent would be more than four times that or “four hot-air balloons” in atmospheric volume. All American total then is “1.3 billion CO2-filled hot-air balloons”.

So how to reduce?

Top 10 list (Least- to Most-Reducing Actions)

10. Go LED for light bulbs

9. Hang laundry to dry

8. Recycle

7. Wash clothes cold

6. Go Vegetarian

5. Buy Green Energy

4. Cancel a transatlantic flight

3. Go electric vehicle

2. Don’t use a car

1. Have one less kid