COVID-19 Era Online Search Activity

Adapted from The Economist April 4th, 2020 pp6. "Covid Online" "Worldwide internet searches".

Orginal source from GLIMPSE

2244's thoughts on root causes of search trends?

Some of the toilet paper (TP) shortage may be hoarding but most is probably the result of people spending more time at home rather than at work or elsewhere that "nature might call". Because the retail supply chain is distinct from the institutional supply chain one would surmise a backlog in retail and surplus in the institutional supply chain. Does the increase in Bidet searches may portend a future decline in retail demand for TP?

This holds for bulk food supplies like flour and beans etc. There has been a visible in-market run on retail bread and flour consistent with searches for Bulk Flour and Bread Makers noted by GLIMPSE.

With Churches and gyms closing more searches for Online Church, dumbell and resistance bands people are seeking DIY solutions.

If you're addicted to nicotine, and access to retail is restricted, then getting your Cigarette's delivered is being proactive but poor air quality may be contributing to the morbidity and mortality associated with COVID-19. Might be the best of times to quit smoking!

More searches for Bulk Ammunition? Check all explanations you think might apply:

a) Plan on more hunting for food

b) Increasing need to protect stash of TP and PPE

c) Plan for defending home against government actions to take away guns

d) Protect home from rise in property crime resulting from economic hardship

Lastly, health related searches for Alcohol prep pads, Tyvek Suits and Pulse Oximeters are the most obvious reactions to COVID-19. Some are individual's searching but most are likely searches by healthcare providers.