Cognitive Work ? Be A Giver Share That Stuff !

Psychology Today February 2020 “Change You Can Believe In” pp66-71

New Year’s Assessment. “Start Seeing-and Sharing Your Invisible Labor” and other annual checks.

Psychology Today (PT) dubs invisible labor “cognitive labor” including household management-meals, shopping, repairs being the “go-to” for schools, cleaners, contractors and “resident social coordinator”. Cognitive because managing these tasks are often “back of mind”, underacknowledged, underappreciated and often depriving one of achieving worthy concrete tasks. PT suggests: 1) be aware of this workload by listing it out, 2) give yourself a “pat-on-the-back” and “give yourself a break” recognizing inevitable shortcomings meeting your own high-expectations, 3) share your listing with your partner while seeking a more equitable balance, 4) set-aside time for focusing on achieving one thing be it exercise or work and 5) search for new ways or apps to lessen the load-shopping, scheduling carpools etc. The article also covers “How Are You Doing”-mental health check-in, “You can’t do it alone”, “Meet Your Partner All Over Again”. Each section has a Timetable of what to do, Today, This Month and This Year.