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China Maintains Procedures as COVID-19 Infections are Stabilized. Peoples War Over?

Shanghai (WIX)

Time March 30, 2020 pp25 “What Life Is Like-In China Now” by Charlie Campbell in Shangahi

In Shanghai, a man carrying a speaker with a recording announcing “Wear a mask, stay indoors, wash your hands” as the “fallout from the pandemic lingers here, long after the rate of infections has stabilized”.

Restrictions or methods of circumventing COVID-19 are still in place including;

1) 14 days of quarantine if arriving from another province or country

2) No central heating

3) Temperature checks when entering public places

4) Taxi drivers cordon passengers by sealing themselves from passengers using a plastic barrier

5) Alibaba has a new “APP” that rates individuals Green, Yellow or Red based on recent travel and potential contact with infected persons. Travel will get you a yellow and red means two weeks of quarantine and green is needed to enter malls etc.

6) At housing, officials in hazmat suits seriously check the incoming for fever and travel documents

So while “China’s official narrative that the ‘people’s war’ against COVID-19 is almost won”, these measure suggest the struggle continues.

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