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Austin Startups?-See AUSTIN INNO

Image above a screenshot from has the number 1 ranking in AUSTIN INNOS 2023 Inno Madness Championship. See to learn about featured business startups in Austin. According to their LinkedIn "Austin inno is a digital media and events company that supports and connects with Austin's innovation community..." They are the creators of INNO MADNESS a competition consisting of "32 local startups vying for the coveted title of 2023 Inno Madness champion." The 32 are; in order of ranking, Jasper, Literati, Babson Diagnostics, Truent Inc, Apptronik, FaceFirst, Howdy, Really, TAU Systems, BalkanID, Prado, TinyHealth, Grassy, Anode Labs, SiteOwl, Funga, Aquifer Motion, Zenus, Frontrow Health, Gigaroo, Swoovy, Humblebrag, MeBeBot Inc, SweatPals, Crave Retail, Inc, StowHere! Inc, Juntobot, Xebec, ibanera and FIESTA.


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