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Austin Metro-On Track to Add 102,579 Apartments

Austin Business Journal April 8-14, 2022 |The List|”New Apartment Projects Ranked by Number of Units Completed in 2021”

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Summary by 2244

Aura at Lamar & Koenig, Austin, Texas

23,406 Apartments were completed in 2021 up from 17,368 in 2020. The 2021 building happened in 85 projects. The average 2021 rent was $2.05 per square foot or $1811/month. “365 … projects [are] currently in the pipeline for the Austin area, totaling 102,579 units. Of these units, 46% are under construction.”

Top Ten

The Vineyard, Pflugerville, 468 units, $2.06/sqft $1,551/month

Reveal at Onion Creek, Austin 78652, 434 units, $1.71/sqft $2083/month

Parkside at Round Rock, Round Rock 78665, 432 units, $1.77/sqft $1,489/month

Five Two at Highland, Austin 78752, 390 units, $2.18/sqft $1,940/month

The Pearl, Austin 78752, 383 units, $2.18/sqt $1,853/month

Wilder, Austin 78744, 381 units, $2.08/sqft $1,696/month

Aura Thirty2, Austin 78705, 379 units, $2.65/sqft $2,061/month

Lucent, Austin 78753, 368 units, $1.65/sqft $1,531/month

Carroll at Rivery Ranch, Georgetown 78628, 360 units, $1.70/sqft $1,779/month

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