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Atlanta's Asian Population at A Breaking Point

Time April 12/April 19, 2021 pp16 |TheBrief Nation|”A breaking point for Atlanta’s Asian Businesses by Sanya Mansoor and Andrew R. Chow

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The COVID pandemic-related loss in business, the anti-Asian backlash that came with political rhetoric surrounding the “China Virus” and the deadly Spa shootings in Atlanta killing eight including six Asian women has evoked a change of attitude amongst Atlanta’s Asian business community. Typically, anti-Asian slurs etc. were handled by the diverse Asian population of Atlanta including Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korea with an attitude of “’shrug it off, be silent and continue to more forward’” has now given way to bringing a gun to work, supplying Asian female workers with mace, community organizing and a vow to “’We should stand up and speak.’” Thip Athakhanh, owner of the “Lao restaurant Snackboxe Bistro” near Atlanta summed up her comments by noting “But, I think times have changed for us, I think we reached our breaking point.”

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